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Discussion began on the concept of BIM technologies

At the end of November, the head of the Ukrainian government approved building information modeling (BIM) technologies and approved a plan for their implementation in Ukraine. The Ministry of Development is to coordinate the implementation of this plan.

BIM technology is a fundamentally new way of managing digital information, which is used in urban planning. First, all possible information is collected about the object: technological, design, economic, etc. After the complex processing of the obtained data, it becomes possible to recreate the structure virtually. Even before the start of construction work, trace the entire life cycle of the object from design to commissioning. This innovation will significantly improve the reliability and safety of buildings, operational management of construction processes, significantly reduce the number of possible errors in the project, as well as reduce the cost of construction work, optimize further costs at the operation stage and, in general, ensure the stable development of the urban planning industry in Ukraine. Besides, the construction industry's need for digital transformation is also coordinated by various state and international regulatory legal acts.

The Ministry of Regional Development has already begun a public discussion of the concept of introducing the mentioned technologies. This document defines the basic principles and mechanisms for introducing technologies as a way of reforming and modernizing Ukrainian urban planning. The concept provides for a four-stage implementation plan for the reform. The first stage will begin this year and will last for about two years. During this period, it is planned to create the conditions necessary to introduce technologies and conduct educational events for customers, designers, and experts. Futurista keeps its finger on the pulse of these innovations.

Today, most developed countries use BIM technologies for the design of construction projects. And when it comes to high-responsibility structures, these new technologies are a must. In Ukraine, so far, they are used only by individual organizations. The fact is that the full and systematic implementation of these technologies in the Ukrainian urban planning industry requires state regulation: it will be necessary to create a legislative framework, train specialists, and develop a whole list of standards and norms.

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